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Q: What Is Hospice?
A: Hospice is explaining the end-of-life process of an individual whether in their homes, an assisted living facility, or another living environment. Hospice professionals will also educate as to when to elect hospice care.

Q: What to Expect in the Hospice Process?
A: You can expect experts to explain the benefits of being on hospice.

Q: Is Hospice Care Paid for by Major Insurances?
A: Currently, most hospice care services are covered by Medicare through the Medicare Hospice Benefit. Most states’ hospice care services are also paid under Medicaid.

Q: Q: Are we available 24 hours?
A: Yes. The hospice team works hand-in-hand to provide support for the patients, ready to aid them 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Q: What You Should Know About the Levels of Hospice Care
A: Hospice care has 4 levels as defined by Medicare, and these are the following:

Level 1: Routine Home Care
Level 2: Continuous Home Care
Level 3: General Inpatient Care
Level 4: Respite Care